Security of Funds

Top Tier Liquidity with Major Banks

Golden Fx as a best forex broker makes it sure that we will offer deep market liquidity with transparent pricing, and for this we hold the accounts with top liquidity banks. The maximum numbers of products with maximum possible leverage and fare pricing are the trademarks of Golden Fx and we are making it possible with accounts in best liquidity providers.

Global Regulation Laws

Golden Fx very strictly follows the international forex regulations laws and during all clients and institutional transactions makes it 100% sure that all will be completely align with the international regulations and transparent in all aspects. We always follows the rules and regulations and also makes it sure that all of our clients will also make it sure in each transaction.

Segregation of Client Funds

To ensure highest level of client’s funds security, Golden Fx has top liquidity provider accounts and segregated client’s funds. Our valuable clients has full financial market access with added power of our excellent support services.

Security of Financial Operations

Golden Fx is an international brand that is offering multiple online trading services in forex, commodities, indices, cfd’s and crypto etc since 2011. Clients funds security is one of the main part of our services and with global offices, we are making it sure that all financial operations are fully secure and transparent. Through implementing international regulations laws, we makes it fully secured in all financial operations.

Risk Management

Golden Fx with continuous ongoing external audits and following the rules of regulations, identifies, assesses and check every type of risk associated with its global operations. We continuously determine the implementation of policies, laws and procedures that allows the company to better able to manage its all financial operations and services.